Best PUBG Graphics Settings

Resolution - whatever your screen's original resolution is. It may be tempting to go as high as possible, but that's not  شدات ببجى   good when your screen has a hard border.
In-Game FPS Cap - Set this to what your screen can manage. This is the best PUBG settings for you, it is limited to the best that your screen can do. Setting it to a lower level will limit your performance, so there is no need to set it low for frames per second.

Brightness - This is a more personal choice. However, you may want to make the brightness a little higher than it normally is to increase visibility. It is useful to use different visions for different maps.

Presentation Scale - 100.

FPP Camera FOV - This controls your field of view. Many players prefer to have this set high to give them a point of view around them. This certainly has its benefits, but you need a wide screen to actually accommodate it. You can get some advantages from playing this higher level, but it will be a mod, so try it here if you want to increase it.

Best PUBG Settings - Advanced Graphics

Anti-Aliasing - This reduces the chances of fuzz or artifacts in the game. However, it is really demanding especially when set high. Keep this low to save some processing power, but you might get a little bit noisy in your presentation if you find it too distracting to put this setting back up.

Post-processing - This can add effects to the image while playing easier. Basically, you don't need it and it's an unnecessary addition.

Shadows - very low. These are peculiar taxes to the system and contribute almost nothing to the gameplay. PUBG's best settings should go for higher FPs than beautiful details on the ground like shadows.

Texture - low or medium. Textures make the game run a little slower, but it's one of the in-game settings that makes a big difference to how it looks, so it's okay to leave it in the middle in order to get a playable picture.

Effects - very low. The visual effects can be more distracting than anything else in addition to affecting the FPS.

Foliage - very low. We would all like to see beautiful trees etc but that will affect your cpu keeping it high.